Grounds of the Youth Program 2014

Success Stories

  • Jonathan Ofir

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Ben Biron

    Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

  • Christopher Pruijsen

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Mukul Garg


Innovative Dictionary

  • carbon nanotube — a hollow cylindrical structure with diameter varying from fractions of a nanometer to several dozen nanometers and length ranging from one micron to several hundred microns or more; carbon nanotube consists of carbon atoms and is a rolled-up graphene sheet.

  • nanofiller — a doping agent distributed in the matrix of a composite , whose individual elements have at least one of their dimensions in the nanoscale .

  • electroluminescence — A phenomenon of light emitting by a material in response to an applied electric current (or to an electric field) Luminescence initiated by the electric energy absorbed by the matter.

  • viscometry — complex of methods for measuring viscosity of liquids and gases.

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October 14–16, 2014
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