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  • Jonathan Ofir

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Ben Biron

    Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

  • Christopher Pruijsen

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Mukul Garg


Innovative Dictionary

  • Hall–Petch relationship — Relationship between yield point  and grain size d for a polycrystalline material: , where  – a certain shear stress required to ensure gliding dislocations in a monocrystal, and K is a constant individual for each material also known as the Hall-Petch parameter.

  • crystalloid — antipode of a colloid, a substance that is easily soluble and crystallising, which, in the dissolved form, can pass through membranes that are permeable to liquids.

  • tunnelling — A tunnel effect occurring, when a particle, originally localisised by the one side of the potential barrier (the field which a classical particle cannot cross because the potential energy exceeds its total energy) can enter through the barrier with the probability other than zero and be detected by the other side of the barrier.

  • scanning, feature-oriented — a method of precision measurement of surface topography with a scanning probe microscope in which surface features (objects) are used as reference points for microscope probe attachment.

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