Venues of the Youth Program 2014

Success Stories

  • Jonathan Ofir

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Ben Biron

    Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

  • Christopher Pruijsen

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Mukul Garg


Innovative Dictionary

  • piezoelectric materials — a dielectric that displays a piezoelectric effect.

  • molecular beam epitaxy — Overgrowth of semiconductor monocrystalline layers on a substrate, involving the deposition of evaporated components onto the heated monocrystalline substrate with simultaneous interaction between them.

  • actuator — actuating device or an active element thereof that transforms one type of energy (electrical, magnetic, thermal, chemical) into another (most often mechanical), which leads to a specific action defined by a control signal.

  • electroluminescence — A phenomenon of light emitting by a material in response to an applied electric current (or to an electric field) Luminescence initiated by the electric energy absorbed by the matter.

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October 14–16, 2014
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